Brookgreen Cranes

I am often influenced by my real life observations, travels and unusual experiences. This watercolor painting was done in response to my visit to the Myrtle Beach Brook Green Gardens walk though bird exhibit. Where I was able to experience the real habiitats of these Cranes. 


Natalie Off Duty

I am highly inspired by fashion bloggers and this one in particular is my favorite. Natalie off Duty has the best personal style. Drawing people is intriguing to me. Capturing the essence of someone's mood through colors, textures and posture is a never ending challenge. Whereas my research of leading fashion bloggers has helped ignite this passion, aided by in person figure drawing sessions, and constant urban sketching, photographing and people watching. 

summer Haze.jpg

Summer Haze

This is a painting I am most proud of to date. Many sketches worked together to get to this place. Please see my blog post for more information and process shots. This type of painting is heavily inspired by the southern landscape.  Standing 36 inches in either direction and currently hanging in the Greenville Center for Creative Arts.