Olivia Perreault
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I am a quiet painter seeking serenity and beauty while making artwork to soothe the soul.


Central to my work is to convey a unique sense of mood by illustrating the ebb and flow of seasons and time of day through unexpected color schemes and expressive marks.

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 The way that I have developed my style has evolved over the years, ten years since I’ve started painting in acrylic back when I was living in New York. After being given professional grade paint by a friend who works at Golden Artist Paint Headquarters, I began entering my work into juried shows and winning awards. Which inspired me to pursue a career in art. After receiving my Bachelors degree in illustration I began finding my own way of telling a visual story - through interpreting the natural surroundings.



What do you do when your not painting? 

I love being outside but when it is too hot or too cold I like to be cozy and watch a good sci-fi/fantasy/drama show, movie or audiobook. I also love cooking and eating, I have always been a foodie.

Where did you learn it all? 

I had a natural inclination to the arts without any education but I chose to study illustration at Indiana Wesleyan University and graduated in 2016. I then got a fellowship at the Greenville Center for Creative Arts where I met and learned from many working artists. I also recently took a online course by Emily Jeffords about running an art business and I am currently gaining wisdom at my internship with Greenville artisphere exhibitor Kiah Bellows. 

How long have you been painting? 

10 years! Started at fifteen years old so you could say half my life or pretty much all my life if you count childhood. 

What got you started in painting landscapes? 

My location has always defined my life. I was born in Southbridge Massachusetts, grew up in a quaint New England town complete with stonewall lined pastures and harsh winters, spent my teen years on a 87 acre farm full of rolling hills in New Berlin, New York. I then moved to the semi tropical growing city of Greenville, South Carolina while attending college in Marion, Indiana with corn fields as far as the eye can see. I have now lived in Greenville for eight years and I am particularly interested in the tangled swampy low country, even though I am technically living in the upstate and foothills of the mountains. Locations where land meets water is what I am drawn to most.